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Dry Flow Pc

Dry Flow Pc

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Creams, deodorants, make-up (foundation, lipsticks, eyeshadows, concealers), and dry shampoos. Used as a substitute for talcum powder. It is often combined at 5% concentration with titanium dioxide in makeup and sunscreen products to enhance the SPF of 40%.


   Used in antiperspirants, sunscreens, self tanners, deodorants, dry shampoo, pomade, bath and shower products. It may reduce tackiness and may control gloss.


• Combines the emollient properties of starch with the astringent properties of aluminium

• Fat-soluble

• Gives a velvety touch to formulations

• Provides the skin with a matte finish

Usage Rate

   As per formulation, use in the below concentrations:

Emulsions (0.5-3%, 1-2% recommended): add to the cold end product, dispersed in oil or even directly, stirring well.

Anhydrous formulations (up to 30%): if the recipe does not require heating, add to the cold finished product. If heating is required, add to the heated fats.

Dry powders (5-50%): add and mix well.

Makeup: use up to 30% as anti-caking agent in formulations with pigments dissolved in water.


One of the most well-known modified starches


Dry Flow PC is a hydrophobically modified corn starch that is used for imparting a soft, silky feel to products and also works as an oil adsorbent. It is a free-flowing, anti-caking ingredient that has a fine and uniform particle size, and is easy to use. It improves aesthetics and reduces the greasiness produced by oils and occlusive agents in lotions, creams, and ointments while also improving the flow properties of powders.

It leaves a matte finish on the skin and is used to enhance SPF solutions so that it doesn't leave an undesirable white film on the skin. Dry Flow PC is fat-soluble and slightly acidifying.
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