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Cyclo Penta Siloxane

Cyclo Penta Siloxane

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Used in antiperspirants, sun-block creams, hair conditioners and shampoos, and skin care products. Also found in hair detangling products, hairspray and waterproof mascara, foundation, and body lotion.


   Has many applications across industries including in sealants, windshield coatings, medical implants, and antiperspirants.

Cyclopentasiloxane is primarily used as a lubricant, solvent, and delivery agent, as it gives a very silky and slippery feeling when applied to the skin and hair.


• Has a lightweight feel

• Evaporates quickly and doesn't stick to the skin

• Spreads easily and gives a non-greasy finish

• Seals in hydration

Usage Rate

   The usage for this product depends on the nature of the formulation, thus there is no exact recommended concentration.


Gives products a silky texture, seals in hydration, and dissolves heavier ingredients.


Cyclo Penta Siloxane, also known as D5, is a colourless and odourless silicone compound that appears as a liquid with low viscosity. It is non-greasy and water-thin, and gives a silky and slippery feel. Cyclopentasiloxane is a popular ingredient across both skin and hair care products.

When used in formulations, it acts as an emollient and a solvent, giving them a silky texture, sealing in hydration by creating a protective barrier, and dissolving heavier ingredients. It doesn't get absorbed into the skin and evaporates quickly away from it. This is why it is a useful ingredient in cosmetic products that are more desirable when they dry up quickly, like antiperspirants and hair sprays.
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