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Cetyl Palmitate

Cetyl Palmitate

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Primarily used in skin care products and cosmetics such as moisturiser, foundation, lipstick, lip/eye liner, sunscreen, anti-aging treatment and concealer.

It is also used in hair care products like shampoo and conditioner.


   It emulsifies the products in an ingredient to improve their texture and performance.

Also works as a thickening agent for products, providing a thick and luxurious sensation when applying the product to the skin.


• Non-toxic and non-sensitising

• Texture enhancer for products

• Ensures proper absorption of creams and lotions into the skin

• Non-comedogenic

Usage Rate

   The usage for this product depends on the nature of the formulation, thus there is no exact recommended concentration.


Cetyl palmitate is primarily made out of natural ingredients derived from palm trees, so it is completely vegan.


Cetyl Palmitate is the ester of cetyl alcohol and palmitic acid. It appears in the form of white waxy flakes and is a product of natural and biodegradable origin. A popular ingredient in various skin, personal care and cosmetic products, Cetyl Palmitate plays multiple roles as an ingredient.

It serves as an emollient, forming a lipid film over the skin which reduces water loss. This keeps the skin moisturised and plump. Due to this property, it may be used in different types of cosmetic formulations, from skincare to haircare. Cetyl Palmitate is also used as a surfactant in shampoos, as an emulsifier and thickening agent in various lotions and creams, and adds texture to various makeup products.
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