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Ceteareth - 20

Ceteareth - 20

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Used in personal care products, including hair dye, facial moisturiser, hair conditioner, sunscreen, acne treatments, exfoliants, cleansers, and anti-aging treatments.


   acts as an emollient and emulsifying agent in many skin care and hair care formulations. It is formulated in combination with fatty acids and other alcohols to add thickness to the formulation and it also helps other active ingredients dissolve in the solvent.


• Works as a penetration enhancer

• Emulsifies and stabilises the products

• Adds viscosity to the formulation

• Acts as an excellent surfactant in cosmetic products

Usage Rate

   Typical use in concentrations of 0.5-30%.


A key emulsifying ingredient, known to be compatible with a wide variety of oils.


Ceteareth-20 is derived from the glycol ether of cetearyl alcohol. It is odourless and may be mixed with natural, as well as synthetic oils. This makes it an excellent emulsifying agent that is commonly used in skin and hair care products. The number in the name of Ceteareth emulsifiers refers to the average number of ethylene oxide molecules added. Ceteareth 20 functions as both a surfactant and an emulsifier and is able to both thicken personal care products and help all the ingredients in the formulation stay together, improving the texture of the product and increasing its shelf life.

This fatty alcohol also acts as a penetration enhancer which alters the skin structure, allowing substances to penetrate deeper into the skin.
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