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Butyl Cellosolve

Butyl Cellosolve

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Used in all kinds of cleaners like glass cleaners, carpet cleaners, laundry additives, etc.

It is also used for pesticide production and various types of paints, primers, sealers, stains, and coatings across industries.

Many products commonly contain butyl cellosolve, like spray lacquers, varnishes, varnish removers, paints, liquid soaps, degreasers, leather protectors, whiteboard cleaners, printing pastes, enamels, cosmetics and herbicides.


   Butyl Cellosolve is used as a solvent for agricultural pesticides and an active solvent for solvent-based coatings.

It is a coupling agent and solvent in household and industrial cleaners,
rust removers, hard surface cleaners, and disinfectants.


• High dilution ratio

• Wide range of applications

• Versatile solvent with balance properties

• 100% water solubility

Usage Rate

   The usage for this product depends on the nature of the formulation, thus there is no exact recommended concentration.


Active solvency and coupling properties.


Butyl Cellosolve or Butyl Glycol ether is a highly versatile solvent with a good balance of many different properties that make it a powerful ingredient in various applications. It appears in the form of a colourless liquid with a mild odour of ether, and is found in a wide variety of household cleaning agents.

This product is soluble in water and with a good balance of many different properties. It is soluble in water and miscible with mineral oils and soaps, and common organic solvents in all proportions at room temperature.
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