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Alpha Olefin Sulphonate Powder (Aos Powder)

Alpha Olefin Sulphonate Powder (Aos Powder)

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A great foaming and wetting agent.
Used in high-quality sulphate-free shampoos, liquid and bar soaps, hand sanitisers, bath lotions, bubble baths, facial cleansers, and household products like dishwashing liquids, and liquid detergents.


   A.O.S. is used in products that require foaming, while also remaining mild and effective.

It is also a gentle ingredient for cleansers for the face, body and even performs well in liquid detergents for dishes and vehicles.


• Great for cleaning and degreasing

• Compatibility with hard water and other surfactants

• Biodegradable

• Cleans skin without stripping it of its natural oils

Usage Rate

   May be added to formulas as is. Add 4-30% during cool down phase, depending on foaming and cleansing requirement.


An effective cleanser with excellent lather.


Alpha Olefin Sulphonate (A.O.S) is produced from sulphonation of alpha olefin, a petroleum product.
This biodegradable surfactant is stable over a wide range of pH range and is preferred over other detergent actives due to its biodegradability, compatibility with sensitive skin, cold-water solubility, rinsability, foaming properties, and detergency in hard water. It also has outstanding wetting, foaming, blending, emulsifying, and solubility properties, which make it perfect for many personal care products that are gentle on the skin and require lather.
Due to Alpha Olefin Sulphonate's sound stability at high temperatures and foaming characteristics, it is a widely-used emulsifier.
A.O.S. is light yellow in colour, and is mild and compatible with hard water. It provides excellent surface activity, great hard-water resilience, and good dispersion of calcium soap. It is compatible with other surfactants, including amphoteric and non-ionic co-surfactants. This ingredient is soluble in water and insoluble in oil.
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