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Carnauba Wax (Yellow) (Lumps)

Carnauba Wax (Yellow) (Lumps)

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Commonly used in skin care and cosmetic products such as face creams, salves, balms, deodorants, various categories of makeup like foundation, lipstick, and eye shadow, sun-protectant products and even in hair care and hair removal products.

DIY crafts like soap and candle making.


   Used as depilatory agent, in candles due to its high melting point, in cleansers for its emollient and emulsifying properties and as a viscosity enhancer in various products related to skin care and makeup.


• Contributes shine/gloss

• Add texture and structure

• Provides glide to cosmetics for easy spreadability and removability

• Emulsifies immiscible liquids

Usage Rate

   To incorporate in cosmetic formulations, melt at a temperature of 84ᵒC (183.20ᵒF), then add in the oil phases of emulsions.


An eco-friendly and safe hard wax, derived from all plant-based ingredients.


Carnauba wax is a natural plant wax that has many useful applications, for wide range of products. It is sourced from the Brazilian palm tree by drying and beating up the leaves to release the wax, which is why it is also sometimes called palm wax. It is commonly used for maydle making and in cosmetics for its emulsifying, emollient, and moisturising properties, but is also used as a polish for wood, as well as in the automobile industry.

Since it has a high melting point, it is considered a strong and durable natural wax, which is also eco-friendly and health-friendly as it is derived from plant-based ingredients. Carnauba wax has non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties. It is hydrophobic, but is soluble in alcohols and oils.
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