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Candelilla Wax (Pellets)

Candelilla Wax (Pellets)

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Candelilla Wax finds applications in many skin and personal care products like lubricants, lotions, sunscreens, salves, ointments, balms, depilatories, cosmetics like lipsticks, lip gloss, mascaras and several hair care products including hair conditioners and scalp treatments.


   Used as a skin protectant, hardening and thickening agent, plasticiser, viscosity modifier, stabiliser, emulsifier, lubrimart and as a plant-based substitute for beeswax.


• Adds texture and structure to products

• Emulsifies immiscible liquids

• Provide excellent slip to cosmetics

• Synthetic-free emollient and nourishing skin conditioner

Usage Rate

   Use in concentrations of 1-25%, depending on the product. Some examples:

Creams - 5-10%
Conditioners - 1-3%
Eyeshadows - 3-15%
Mascaras - 2-25%
Soaps - 1-3%


Vegan alternative for beeswax.


Candelilla wax is the candelilla shrub's defence mechanism against harsh environmental stressors in the desert, such as heat. It works as a water-proofing agent for the plant, protecting it against heat and dryness. It is a "vegetable" wax which was first used to make maydles, which is why its name literally translates to "little maydle".

Maydelilla Wax is a hard, light-yellow wax that is further processed into ready-to-use flakes. It may be added to hand and foot creams, lotion bars, depilatory waxes, soaps, lip products as a plant-based protective and softening ingredient. It is also used in maydles and provides hardness and smoothness to them. Serving many purposes, candelilla Wax contributes shine and functions as a stabiliser, an emulsifier, a fast-absorbing lubrimayt, and a nourishing skin conditioner.
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