Butters & Waxes

BRM Butters are a rich, nourishing and comforting addition to your cosmetic formulations. Our rich Butters are suitable for creams, lotions, and balms since they are high in natural oils, proteins, and fatty acids.

They are derived from nuts and vegetables to produce a creamy, soft substance that is used in skincare and cosmetic products to replenish the skin's lost moisture. They have strong moisturizing characteristics and may be combined with essential oils and other substances for a variety of uses.
Our Waxes are perfect for making the candles of your dreams. We provide you with an extensive range, from beeswax to carnauba - available in the form of pellets, flakes, lumps, or slabs, all at the best price.
Great quality and easy to work with, these are perfect for the hobbyist or even for a professional candle maker. They are ideal for all kinds of candles, including jarred candles, melts, pillars, moulds, votives, and tealights.