Top 10 Uses of Glycolic Acid | BRM Chemicals

Top 10 Uses of Glycolic Acid | BRM Chemicals

Glycolic acid belongs to the alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) category of chemicals and is extracted from sugar cane and has emerged into skin care products in the last few decades. It is a common ingredient that can be used in chemical peels, cleansers, serums, and lotions, and can be beneficial to the skin as well. Here are ten reasons why BRM Chemicals’ glycolic acid is the skin’s new best friend:

Fights Wrinkles | BRM Chemicals

It is stated that this product helps to minimize the effects of aging, namely fine line and wrinkles. The use of this product raises cell turnover rates and stimulates collagen synthesis, which gradually fills in fine lines and wrinkles and improves skin texture over time to show a younger surface. It also acts on the skin to stimulate the production of collagen that will give the skin a fuller appearance.

Reduces Skin Discoloration | BRM Chemicals

This product also works effectively in erasing skin discoloration and other issues such as hyperpigmentation. The improved skin cell turnover assists in the lightening of the existing spots as well as saving you from new ones thanks to its exfoliation properties. Individuals with problems of blotchy or uneven skin should try the product solutions from BRM Chemicals.

Improved Skin Texture | BRM Chemicals

It helps to reduce skin roughness and this is a key characteristic of this product as it is one of the smallest acids that can penetrate the pores. It also works to dissolve the ‘sebum’ and dead skin cells that block the hair follicle to prevent new formations of pimples and also to address those that are already formed. It also has a mild antimicrobial function to eliminate acne-causing bacteria. While this product is a naturally occurring organic acid derived from sugar cane, it is slightly acidic and therefore has mild antimicrobial function to do away with acne-causing bacteria.

Minimizing Scarring | BRM Chemicals

This product also helps minimize the scarring that is a result of acne breakouts as well. This product encourages the growth of new collagen, which helps to retexture the skin’s surface and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, as well as encourages the shedding of the damaged outer layer of skin.

Fights Dark Spots | BRM Chemicals

For individuals with dreary and lifeless skin, this product is an effective topical bleaching agent. It peels off the skin and takes with it all the rough skin that has accumulated on it for healthier skin to show through. Daily or every other day use of BRM Chemicals’ product gives skin a natural glow of clear complexions.

Removes excess sebum and blackheads - this product is particularly great at dissolving and eliminating all sorts of impurities that might block the pores and cause blackheads and other blemishes. It is small in size making it penetrate deep into the pore to completely remove the dirt. This product peel also helps maintain the pore walls clean free from excess oil and dead skin and gives a healthy look to the skin.

Reduces Inflammation and Irritation | BRM Chemicals

It is rather counterintuitive but when properly applied and at the right concentration glycolic acid can reduce inflammation and even help alleviate symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. In monitored chemical peels, the application of this product in the affected areas is taken in moderation thus assisting in the restoration of skin’s natural moisture layer and inflammation.

Enhances the Effectiveness of Other Topical Products | BRM Chemicals

While this product works wonders in making the skin soft, glowing, and responsive, it also enhances the performance of other topical skin care products like moisturizers, olive, and sunblock. When the dead skin layer is exfoliated, then other ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, and correctives are allowed to penetrate the skin in a much more efficient manner. For ingredients like soap fragrance oils, make sure to test the compatibility.

Glycolic Acid as Part of Skin Prep | BRM Chemicals

The use of this product before makeup application allows for maximizing the chances of attaining the perfect makeup that lasts long. In doing so, it effectively removes the dead skin cells and debris on the surface as well as leaving the skin smooth in the process, it complements the cosmetics perfectly. The makeup is improved by this product, and thus it works as a primer.

Compliments other ingredients | BRM Chemicals

The reality is that this product makes other ingredients work more effectively by boosting their penetration into the skin. But it also can enhance other anti-aging elements such as retinol according to the research done. The synergistic effect is that the same amount of stimulus if used consequently, causes less irritation and has a greater effect. The right glycolic acid product is your must-have duo that works best when used with your retinoid or antioxidant serum, or even essential oils.


As we can see, glycolic acid has a wide range of positive effects on the skin and is beneficial for most skin types and problems, which makes it a popular ingredient in skin care products. At BRM Chemicals we offer the best products to give consumers perfect skin; It is formulated to restore skin brightness, remove debris from skin pores, and promote the formation of new collagen to create perfect skin. Reap the ten major benefits of applying this acid to your skin by using a product that contains the solution.
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