10 Creative Uses for Fragrance Oil | BRM Chemicals

10 Creative Uses for Fragrance Oil | BRM Chemicals


Fragrance oils are great as they can improve the atmosphere in your home, gifts, and body products. BRM Chemicals have listed a number of perfume fragrance oil for their clients which are of high quality and can be used in any project. Read on for ten fun and unique ways to incorporate our fragrance oils into your world to bring smell.

1. Scented Candles | Tips by BRM Chemicals

Perfume fragrance oil has numerous uses and one of the most common applications is in the making of candles. Just as an example, you can easily use three to five drops of essential oil for every paraffin wax to make scented pillar candles, containers, tealights, etc. From the floral and fruity notes to the spicy end, you are free to choose! All oils used should be of candle type and the wax should be melted according to the instructions given here.

2. Fizzy Bath Bombs from Perfume Fragrance Oil

Looking for a method of using perfume fragrance oil? You can add essential oils to bath bombs and enjoy a fizzy bath. A bath bomb dissolved in warm water will swirl and release the great smell. First, combine non-skin-safe dry additives such as baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and pour enough of your chosen liquid fragrance oil into the mixture until it becomes sticky when pinched.

3. Room & Linen Sprays | Tips by BRM Chemicals

Are you looking for a way to have your whole home or simply fresh smelling bed linens? Use the perfume fragrance oil to make your own room and linen sprays. To make the perfume, you just need to mix the fragrance in the ratio of 15-25 drops per 8 ounces of distilled water in an atomizer bottle. Spray in the air or directly to the surfaces, including fabrics and even beddings.

4. Fragrant Fire Starters from Perfume Fragrance Oil

Do you love the smell of fire or something like the burning wood? Create scented fire-starters with sawdust/wax and several drops of campfire scents including smoky cedar, pine needle and crackle firewood. Pour into molds like egg cartons, allow it to harden and you will be using it in starting the fires.

5. Scented Drawer Sachets | Tips by BRM Chemicals

Another item is to place scented sachets in your dresser drawers and clothes closets for a pleasant scent. Sewing small pouches from fabric remnants or bags from organza can also be done. Add around a couple tablespoons of dried herbs, flowers or wood chips, and 5-10 drops of the perfume fragrance oil for each sachet. Make sure it is arranged neatly among the stored clothing or the linens.

6. Custom Reed Diffusers from Perfume Fragrance Oil

Breathe freshness into your homes by creating your reed diffuser that you can place anywhere at home. Just pour your choice of perfume fragrance oil or a combination of fragrances into a carrier oil such as sweet almond or fractionated coconut oil and the jar will do the rest. Put some rattan or bamboo reeds and the oil floats on top of the water, dispersing the scent on the reeds.

7. Whipped Body Butter | Tips by BRM Chemicals

Treat yourself to a fragranced body butter for a soft and silky skin. To make this, use shea butter, melt it and combine with a little carrier oil and add 5-15 drops of perfume fragrance oil per cup of butter. When it cools down, beat the butter using a hand mixer to incorporate more air to the butter making it more spreadable. Scoop into jars for easy use when spreading on the skin.

8. Sugar Body Scrubs from Perfume Fragrance Oil

Gently scrub your skin while enjoying the sweet smell by making sugar body scrubs with your favorite perfume fragrance oil. Take 1 cup sugar and beat it with 1⁄2 cup oil and 5-15 drops of concentrated perfume oil of choice including lemon, vanilla or coconut etc. Sugar scrubs while the oil nourishes and there is a soft and fragrant skin after the process.

9. Solid Perfumes | Tips by BRM Chemicals

Create hard-hitting solid perfumes with beeswax or soy wax and your preferred scents. Therefore, melt the wax while heating it slowly at low flame and mix the perfume fragrance oil with the wax at a ratio of 10-15 drops per ounce of wax. Fill tightly into small containers or into lip gloss tubes. Rub the wax with your fingers and apply it to the needed areas as it warms up with body heat.

10. Inside Shoes

Add a couple of drops of perfume fragrance oil on a small piece of cotton and place it inside smelly shoes and then leave it there for a night to enhance their smell. Citrus and tea tree are good sources for use in eliminating the odors. You can deploy them since they are effective natural fragrances. However, do it carefully when selecting darker oils in an effort not to stain the interior of your shoes.

Picking Your Fragrance by BRM Chemicals

Picking perfume fragrance oil can be a difficult task but it is worth a try. And here comes the question – are you ready to play with incredible smells? Discover BRM Chemicals’ fine fragrance oils now and find out how you can incorporate some of these exotic scents in your daily life or as special gift to your loved ones.


Perfume fragrance oil can be used in simplicity and creativity since people are able to add various good smells in their homes and in their body. Listed here the samples of some of the candle scents that can be used both in candle making and body products. As we have seen, these oils can turn wax, bath bombs, sachets, reed diffuser, and body butters into luxurious, refreshing products when just a few drops are added. By following the recommendations of this article and employing necessary safety measures, it is possible to create any type of scented products that would be wonderful gifts or lovely treats for oneself. So just imagine, mix and match fragrance profiles from BRM Chemicals and discover what lovely creations you can come up with in order to tickle the olfactory buds.
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