Uses of Aroma Oil Orange

10 Best Uses of Aroma Oil Orange | BRM Chemicals

Orange is a delightful food with its bright color, sweet juice, and invigorating smell of citrus fruits that has been attracting people for centuries. Orange oil, on the other hand, is one of the herbal extracts obtained from the outer peel of the orange fruit and possesses many potent. Ingredients found in oranges’ fragrant smell. It has a bright, bubbling, juicy, sweet orange note of a quality that is seldom found in aromatic oils nowadays.

Apart from its fragrance, orange is a very useful oil that has a variety of applications in aromatic therapy, skin application as well as in ingesting. There are so many wonderful uses of aroma oil orange, starting with tackling bad moods, to cleaning homes. The following will list down the ten most effective ways to apply this brilliant and sunny essential oil.

1. Mood Booster - Aroma Oil Orange by BRM Chemicals

Orange is by far one of the most cheerful and uplifting essential oils, due to its sweet, fresh smell that is more than likely to put you in a good mood: it is the natural happiness booster! It seems to have a very pleasant smell that is a little sweet and fresh and can certainly chase the blues away and bring sunshine into the room.

To increase your happiness level, spread a few drops of the oil in the room, and there you have an instant pick-me-up for your emotional well-being. It has a brilliant fragrance that helps the brain to produce serotonin and other related hormones associated with happiness, reduces stress, and influences positive thinking.

2. Bathe With Orange | BRM Chemicals

One of the most famous essential oils for soap making, this oil adds a fresh citrus fragrance to the soap that has an energizing effect. It combines nicely with other floral or spice accords to create a rich aroma. Although orange essential oil has other skin benefits, aroma oil is only for fragrance. It is best to use a soap-safe fragrance oil with a soap base to prevent the color from fading or to make the soap less bubbly.

3. All-Purpose Cleaner | BRM Chemicals

It is yet another non-toxic and all-purpose cleaner that provides a clean and fresh citrusy aroma to your home cleaning. Simply mix 1-2 drops in a bottle of water (and white vinegar if desired) for a positive general cleaner.

In addition to removing stains from your cutting board, use your infused orange cleaner for washing greasy surfaces, sticky stains, soap scum in the washrooms, and any other grime you encounter in your kitchen or at home. Soap and water will suffice and as you scrub, the smell will make the chore seem all the more fun and swift.

4. Air Freshener | BRM Chemicals

There is nothing that can go wrong with a cup of coffee prepared with stale indoor air since the orange essential oil has got it all covered. Spraying it extends the freshening of any room with the sweet sensitivity of oranges that are still in their puberty. It is also recommended to use a diffuser in areas like the basement, bathroom, or closet where there is a damp and unpleasant smell.

Or mix the oil with water and pour this solution into a spray bottle to spray it over the sofa, curtains, carpets, or bed linen. That fresh citrus fragrance has the impact of making any room smell fresh, clean, and comfortable the moment you spray it.

5. Natural Skin Toner | BRM Chemicals

In its natural form, the orange essential oil can be mixed with water and applied on the face as a facial toner that enhances the skin look. It has antibacterial qualities and reduces inflammation levels, therefore effectively reducing both existing pimples and preventing future development.

It has to do with its vitamin C content that helps to fend off the damaging effects of UV radiation and at the same time stimulates collagen production for a tighter skin. However, doing a patch test first is mandatory.

6. Anxiety Reducer | BRM Chemicals

It is also used in aromatherapy because it is said to help to soothe the nerves. Use its aroma by adding it to the essential oil diffuser if you are overwhelmed or when you are angry, take a deep breath of the oil. The aroma of oranges – the smell that is associated with the most common connotations of sweetness and citrus – synchronizes the brain, literally forcing it to turn from anxiety to happiness based on research.

7. Natural Disinfectant | BRM Chemicals

Having been endorsed by hospitals for its efficiency in the elimination of microbes, research reveals that the terpenes present in orange oil eliminate most hazardous bacteria. It also eliminates mold, fungi, and many viruses that can be a cause of illnesses all in all. For instance, when washing the bathroom, or sanitizing counters, sinks or kitchen appliances, include orange oil on the cleaning agent. It disinfects as well as eliminates microbes, plus it is followed by the smell of lemons once you are done washing.

8. Repel Insects Naturally | BRM Chemicals

Get tired of trying to enjoy a good book or a picnic in the fresh air but cannot stand mosquitoes or flies? Carry the essential oil in a hand portable diffuser. This is a natural substance derived from sweet orange oil, which means you will not have to use insect repellent or suffer from insect bites when enjoying sunny days outside!

9. Morning Motivation | BRM Chemicals

It is the morning feeling and motivation that will help to start the day successfully. Waking up in the morning and having a great feeling makes it even more delightful to enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of orange oil during the day.

10. Promote Sound Sleep | BRM Chemicals

Another interesting benefit of aroma oil orange pertains to sleep, as the oil is said to help people doze off even more easily. Swirling the sweet fruit-scented oil in the bedroom, an hour before going to bed, acts as a signal to the brain to begin preparing itself for a good night's rest. And once you are tucked in bed, the lovely citrus smell that surrounds you as you close your eyes, ensures you sleep soundly without being woken up by the noise outside. 


Orange essential oil is one of those essential oils that is a true pleasure to work with – from the invigorating aroma to the energizing and uplifting emotional properties to the cleaning power it possesses, this oil stands out. The BRM Chemicals pure, premium, unadulterated aroma oil orange is what you need to harness some orange oil magic. This natural orange cold-pressed oil is perfect to capture the fresh ripe fruit smell and the healing properties of orange essences.

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